This brief was a tricky one; how do you get people to change their views about fracking when the debate seems to be dominated by anti-fracking protesters? Well, I researched the science behind Fracking and in particular the claims made by protesters and found that most were completely untrue. Fair enough, its you can argue that we should be pursuing renewable sources of energy, but beyond that argument most are groundless.
The main misconceptions around fracking are that it is unsafe, and my research showed that that was the biggest hinderance to people not supporting the practice. So I created this campaign designed to denounce these arguments as tittle-tattle by exaggerating their claims to the point where they sound ridiculous.
Above: This Adshel (left) and full page magazine ad (right) demonstrate the quirky nature of the campaign
Above: A quarter page tabloid ad demonstrating how the speech bubble can result in some funny situations if placed well

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