This was a D&AD New Blood brief that asked for branded content that linked Nationwide and Shelter to concerns around housing. The brief was clear that they didn't have a service to sell, they just wanted to link themselves to the issue.
One of the issues that the brief highlighted was the confusion around buying a house- how much it costs, the people and stages involved etc etc. After lots of research into the subject I was still massively confused, so to help me understand it, I tried to compare it to something I definitely do understand: football. Using a football transfer as a reference point, I was finally able to understand the steps involved in buying a house. From this I developed my branded content campaign:
The brief asked for one long copy piece, which I chose to display on the football-heavy website 
I was also required to come up with a copy piece that worked in-situe. My idea was to use the advertising spaces in the back pages of newspapers so that at first glance, the ad looked like a genuine article.
The brief also asked for examples of how the campaign could work using short social copy. Again, the copy was a parody of cliched football journalism, and this was mirrored by the cheesy photos any football fan will recognise.

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