For this brief, we were asked to change perceptions of Puma Suedes from a fashion item to a sports trainer. The proposition we were given was 'unleash the everyday athlete'.
Our idea was to draw from the ordinary challenges in life and link them to athleticism.
Creative Team: Jake Scott & Sophie Pollard
This idea would work equally well on a number of print mediums including magazines and 48 sheets. This execution is just one of a number of possible outcomes; another example could be a scrunched up piece of paper flying into a bin- like a basketball going into a net.
In addition to the print advert, we created this digital Adshel, which would be placed at bus stops (facing outwards down the road). It is designed to look like an LED board, showing when the next bus arrives. The idea is that people will see the ad as they approach the bus stop, and if the bus is nearly here they will run for it, hence the link to the 100 Metre Sprint.
Like the digital adshel, we also created a digital banner that would be displayed in the entrance to train stations. It would be updated to show the next train to leave the station.
The idea for the TV campaign is to essentially put sports commentary- and all the cliches that go with it- with everyday things. The above example is a mad rush for the Black Friday sales.
This ambient advert uses an optical illusion to make it appear as though there is a large puddle stretching across the entire street. Within the ‘puddle’ would be the endline, logo and shoe, alongside the headline ‘long jump?’.

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