The brief was to get more people to go to a new Casino in Leeds. We visited the Casino and were blown away by the sheer scale of the place. The trouble was, we were really struggling to create a campaign that communicated quite how big it was. So we stopped trying.

Creative team: Jake Scott, Hayleigh Bissette, Ally Whitaker, Sofie Chan
Above: 3 Adshels that summarise the idea. The art direction is inspired by the 3 distinct areas of the casino; the Live Bar, Games Room and Curve Bar. We wanted to capture the 'aura' of each area by blurring photos to create these colourful and intriguing images. Although it doesn't actually impact on the ad (the copy does all the work), I think its a nice little Easter egg as the audience might recognise it after they've visited.
Above: This was an idea for an experiential element of the campaign. A pop-up VR area in Leeds train station would encourage people to come and see Victoria Gate Casino through the VR goggles. However, this is actually a trick as the VR goggles would only show a blurred image of the casino. The idea is that even virtual reality technology, which supposedly allows you to experience anything, is unable to replicate the experience of visiting the casino yourself. This is explained by a card (above left) which gives directions from the station to the casino itself.

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